Veneers are thin, custom made coverings for the front surfaces of anterior teeth that are usually made of porcelain or another ceramic material.  They are bonded to the tooth and are very durable.  They can be used to close spaces, restore worn, discolored or chipped front teeth and sometimes can correct slight crookedness.  The process usually involves the removal of a small amount of tooth structure to make room for the veneer, although there is much less tooth removed for a veneer when compared to a crown.  This process is therefore more conservative of tooth structure than full coverage restorations are. 

The ceramic material used is more tooth like and more durable than the resins used in tooth colored fillings and tends to keep its color and gloss much longer.  The veneers are made at an outside dental laboratory and usually take a week or two to fabricate.  During this period, temporary veneers are worn.